My Activities

I am doing more activities in different. First I glad to say about my academic work. I could get best results on my Ordinary Level examination in 2004. My results were English for A Sinhala for A, Buddhist for A, Healthy for A, Sciencefor C, Mathematic for C, Social Studies for C, Commerce for C, Arts for C.

I am the wife president of school debit team. We could win more competitions those between schools. Also I am participating speaking competition. In 2005 I won the Second place in whole district organized by education ministry of Anuradhapura. In 2006 I could win first place the competition organized by healthy community of Anuradhapura.

I am doing sports too. I am a netball player in my school team.

December, 2005 is a month that I never forgot that I got a special chance to meet Intel CEO in live. During his first visit in Sri Lanka there was an invitation to Horizon Lanka foundation. There for I was lucky get this grate opportunity. We were 4 members including Mr. Wanninayaka who CEO of Horizon Lanka foundation. We did a live presentation with Dr. Craig R. Barrett. After the presentation he was very happy about us and donated 4 brand new laptops for us. We thank to him.


4 Responses to My Activities

  1. Thanura says:


  2. Nalin says:

    you are one of the proud daughter of mother sri lanka!!!!

  3. Iresha Dilhani says:

    Thank you Nalin.visit my site again..

  4. erandi says:

    i wish u all the best iresha..

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