Why do we dream?….

Nobody knows exactly why we dream when we sleep. All we know is that everyone dreams, although most dreams aren’t vivid enough for us to remember them when we wake up. Dreams are not massages from other worlds, or prophecies of what may happen in future, but very often the result of what we have been thinking about when we were awake, sometimes without us realizing that we are thinking about it. For example, if we go to bed tired, cold or hungry, these feeling may well appear in our dreams, there is a tale about a man who went to bed hungry. He dreamed that he was eating a breakfast cereal, and when he wake up, he found that he had eaten some of his mattress. This is almost certainly not a true story, but it shows you an example of this link between our emotions and our dreams. We may also have dreams about the things we like best, or nightmares about the things we hate or fear. This is why many young children dream about fairies or witches, and why homesick people dream about their families or hom

What are you thinking about the dreams?????


One Response to Why do we dream?….

  1. Melanie Stephan says:

    Why do we dream? Why is life like a black box?

    There is one thing that we all share in common in our dreams. Every night there is one thing we all do. It is the same for everyone. If you can answer that question you will have a better understanding of dreams.

    Do you know the one same thing we all have in our dreams? All of us do it.

    Dreams are your God skills?

    Gods Messanger, Melanie

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