Two Months at Eurocenter

After I sat for my Advanced Level examination I was selected to participate in a two-month course on web designing at a software company called Eurocenter in Kollupitiya. The knowledge I obtained during these two months was most beneficial to me. If I had not been a student at Horizon I would not have had the opportunity of realizing my dream.
The course was indeed very interesting. Most students complain that such courses are boring and uninteresting. Having completed the course with success, I cannot agree with them. Web designing was made interesting by the varied teaching methods implemented by the instructors. At first, with the guidance of our instructors, we successfully designed a web site for the Eurocenter sports club. With the experience we gained we learned how to manage a project, meet with customers’ requirements, manage time for new ideas, work with a time table, work in a team and how a company functions etc. At Eurocenter we also learned to play Table tennis and even took part in a tournament.
My thanks go to my dear Eurocenter friends who were kind and friendly and made our stay quite pleasant.
Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention that I took part in a delightful Christmas party and also in their year-end gathering. I have never been to a Christmas party before. It was really nice and joyful. Santa was there too! He gave me a gift and the office staff sang carols. The year end party which was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel was one of my nicest experiences.
I shall never ever forget these wonderful two months and once more I would like to thank all the staff members of Eurocenter especially the CEO Mr Mano Sekaram and Mr Johann De Cruz for giving this chance to us.


6 Responses to Two Months at Eurocenter

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