A Distressed Family Needs Your Help.

I feel certain that most readers of this article have heard of Mahavilachchiya, a rural village in the midst of Wilpaththu National Park.  We were a happy and fortunate community before the war started in Sri Lanka, ours being the most developed e-village in the country.  But now misfortune has come upon us.  You may ask why I pose this question.  A very prominent farmer and loving father of four children, Mr. Karurathana, has been kidnapped, most probably, by the LTTE.
He worked by the sweat of his brow to earn a living and provide for his wife and for his children, all of whom are talented students.  His eldest daughter is a student at the Colombo University.  Aruni, his second daughter who is a classmate of mine is quite clever and was hoping to enter university this year.  Unfortunately due to the disappearance of her father she was not able to concentrate on her studies.  During her preparations for her examinations, her father who had gone out to oversee his paddy crops failed to return home at the usual time. Her Mum was anxious about his delay and sent her son to look out for him.
Meanwhile two home guards broke the sad news to them that Mr Karunarathana had been forcefully taken away by the LTTE.  Aruni and her sister have made several appeals to the public to be of help but there has been no response.
If anyone can be of help please do not hesitate to contact us.


2 Responses to A Distressed Family Needs Your Help.

  1. Angel says:

    I am really very sorry about your friend’s father.. I have been following the story since it forst appeared in kottu, and am saddened that there is no progress. At least you and your friends fromyour e-village have got the message through, via blogging, to people who would otherwise be unaware.

    Please continue… I enjoy your writing and must say your English is excellent. Keep it up! Meanwhile, fingers crossed for mr. karunarathne, Aruni and the family…

  2. ireshadilhani says:

    Thank you very much Ashwini…

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