The most Suitable Education System for Sri Lanka.

Most of educationists are presenting different comments about Education and usage of education. With their assistance education system has been designed. Although there are many difficulties to get a proper education, many students could achieve high level educational qualification. But after they got their degree, they have to stand in a queue to get a job. Is it the best education system? All human like to get a great job with a very good salary. But in Sri Lanka students have to spend money to get jobs which is more than they spent for their education. Because they have to pay a lot of money for getting extra qualifications like ICT, Management, English, etc. But most of them do not get as match with their educational qualifications.

As far as I am concerned, our education system should be responsible for this. Our education system should be change. It should be changed according to our country. Present education system provides job opportunities in overseas but not in motherland. The government spends money for giving an education to the people in the country and once they finish it, they go aboard for a job. It is not their fault. They go to make their future successful.

Our education system should be changed. It should create job opportunities. After that we can develop our country as well.

For that, parents have high hopes about their children. Children like to do different activities in their childhood. It will create their future. So parents have to search it carefully and at the suitable age child should get a standard education. Stranded education should help develop their childhood talents. Parents should talk to teachers about children’s talents and their preferences. And then teachers can guide them. Since students have different talents education system should be capable to identify their talents. Some children are talent for building things, creating new things, finding some new things, etc. So our education system should change like this. So then we can develop our country.


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