My Activities

I am doing more activities in different. First I glad to say about my academic work. I could get best results on my Ordinary Level examination in 2004. My results were, for English, for Sinhala A, for buddhist  A, for healthy A,for science C, for mathematic C, for social Studies C for commerce C, and for Arts C. I am the wife president of school debit team. We could win more competitions those between schools. Also I am participating speaking competition. In 2005 I won the Second place in whole district organized by education ministry of Anuradhapura. In 2006 I could win first place the competition organized by healthy community of Anuradhapura. I am doing sports too. I am a netball player in my school team.December, 2005 is a month that I never forgot that I got a special chance to meet Intel CEO in live. During his first visit in Sri Lanka there was an invitation to Horizon Lanka foundation. There for I was lucky get this grate opportunity. We were 4 members including Mr. Wanninayaka who CEO of Horizon Lanka foundation. We did a live presentation with Dr. Craig R. Barrett. After the presentation he was very happy about us and donated 4 brand new laptops for us. We thank to him. 


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