About Me

I am a girl in remote village of Mahavilachchiyaya village. It is 40 kilometers away from Anuradhapura city. At the suitable age I started my schooling. I like studies very much. Every day I go to school. When I was in grade 4 a new teacher came to our class. He started checking our nails. He advised us to keep our bodies clean. He taught English songs and English dramas. We liked them. Later we knew he was our English teacher. His name is Mr. Nandasiri Wanninayaka. He taught us English well. Before his arrival, we didn’t like English. But after his arrival English became our favorite subject. Soon we stared a journal.. Its name was Horizon. That was begun of Horizon Lanka Foundation. I belong to the first batch of Horizon Lanka students . My name is Iresha Dilhani and completed my 18 on the 4th of November. My first education discontinuity succeed in 2004. It was the Ordinary Level examination. My results were best. I could get 4 “A” passes include English and 5 “C” passes. I am found to say that if I wasn’t a Horizon student, I will not get “A” pass for English. Now I am Advanced Level student in our village school in Arts stream. I am doing Political Science, Sinhala and Buddhist civilization. My favorite is Political science why the society becomes our lab. Then we can do some research with happy.       My parents are farmers. They work had to make our lives a success. I think my parents are the best in this world. I hope to treat them well after becoming a successful citizen in this country. It is my duty. My family members are living happily. We have some problems. But we not moved. We live happily.  I have many hobbies like reading books and newspapers, collecting stamps and articles about animals and birds, writing to pen pals and e-friends, talking to friends in English and cracking jokes, playing, dancing, participating in debates and making handicrafts.I have selected reading books as my hobby since it helps me to concentrate the mind. And also we can collect many facts about the world by collecting stamps and articles. And we can improve our writing by writing to pen pals. By talking to friends in English we are able to improve our English knowledge. Participating in debates is also a fine hobby that gives us knowledge. Usually I participate in all debates in our school.


4 Responses to About Me

  1. L says:

    Hi Iresha. Just want to say, I find your writing interesting to read.

  2. Adrian says:

    Hello Iresha,
    Seems like you’ve done a lot of progress during the past year. Keep it going.

  3. ireshadilhani says:

    Hello Mr. Adrian,
    Thank you very much for sending ur comments to my blog… visit again to my blog

  4. Half Doctor says:

    I journeyed from your most recent article on the village kidnapping to here…
    Did not have anything to comment there unless to express my heartfelt surrow.
    As it’s worthless as it is , I didn’t jot any thing.

    But here,
    You’ve got a wonderful thing going on!
    Nice blog and wunnerful writing!
    Could I also compliment you on your English! It’s pristine!
    Hoping to visit again,
    – 0.5 doc on the web

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